Projecting .obj 3D Drone Data in ArcPro

Discussion created by wysphst on Aug 20, 2020



I am trying to project a .obj file from my Drone Deploy software to plot in an ArcPro local scene. I am able to plot point cloud data easily but compared to the .obj data the point cloud data is pretty poor for visualization purposes. I am able to bring in one in through the import 3D files function however since it is not projected it plots off in the middle of nowhere. 


According to Drone Deploy these .obj files are not projected and are only for visualization through their web portal. It kind of strikes me as odd that such a high-resolution and high-quality data file would not have spatial reference if it is downloadable. 


I am curious if anyone has tried to project these datasets somehow or if there is any tool I am not aware of to get it to plot in a 3D local scene.