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VRP order priority with arcgis pro 2.6

Question asked by RimaRsystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Aug 17, 2020
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We have a potential client who wants to move to vrp solution (right now they are using some other, non Esri, technology).

The only functionality they can't seem to find is the option to prioritize some of the stops.

I was looking for a solution and found a few discussions :

VRP With Priority Stops (orders) 

Order Priority/sequence 

In one of them it was mentioned to use the Revenue field (didn't work for me),

another solution was solving the problem with 2 steps:

1. use AssignmentRule of "override"(3) to the prioritized stops,
and an AssignmentRule of "exclude"(0) to all the other stops,
then solve (this step makes a route only to the prioritized stops).

2. change the AssignmentRule of the prioritized stops to "Preserve route and relative sequence"(1)/"Preserve route"(2),

and an AssignmentRule of "override"(3) to all the other stops,
then solve.

The 2 step solution didn't work either -

if i'm assigning "Preserve route and relative sequence"(1) to the prioritized stops - solve returns an error.

if i'm assigning "Preserve route"(2) to the prioritized stops - the route is created but the stops are not prioritized - they are ordered one after another - but not in the beginning of the route.

another potential solution i found - was to assign to all the prioritized stops the AssignmentRule of "Anchor first" (4) 

but this option only takes one stop.


In a scenario where there are (for example) 40 stops , while 6 of them are in high priority and need to be reached first - what is the right way to generate a route?

* we would want the route between the 6 prioritized stops to be optimized as well.


I'm adding a shapefile layer that i used while trying to reach a solution.


Heather Moe