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FMV Video Multiplexer does not read values/headings of sensor latitude/longitude

Question asked by mortenbgeoinfo-dk-esridist Employee on Aug 13, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2020 by mortenbgeoinfo-dk-esridist

Using the example dataset for the tutorial on "Using the FMV Video Multiplexer", the output file has a constant value in the sensor latitude/longitude metadata fields and the movie does not move along the map. The multiplexer does not seem to read the actual values in the input metadata file (Raw_Metadata.csv) as the value is not even present in the files and it ignores the field-mapping in the field-mapping file (I can map it or not - result is the same!). Mapping the raw-data as x/y's they seem to be in the right spot. The movie is placed down south-east in Port Charlotte. See snippet:



I am using Arcgis Pro 2.6.0. Due to risk of complications with Danish Localization settings (decimal separator etc.) I have been careful only to edit the csv's in Notepad++ and save them as pure text. Imported tables looks fine in Pro.