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Export AIXM5.1 from Geodatabase

Question asked by bentorio on Aug 12, 2020
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I have a problem about exporting the aviation geodatabase to AIXM 5.1 to use with another program.

I've already create a runway and related features as shown below


Problem 1: 

I import exported AIXM file from ArcGIS to another program it show error as below



When I compare AIXM file with another program I found this 

The "xsi:nil = "true" is the different and when I deleted this text, this error disappear.

How can I prevent this text appear when I export AIXM or I have to delete it manually?

Is there any field that I must input the data to prevent this text appear?


Problem 2: Missing aixm:usedRunway line in exported AIXM


I've already link the all features' relationship start with ADHPSurfacePoint > ADHPThreshold > ADHPSurfaceLine > ADHP.

But when I export geodatabase to AIXM 5.1 the problem I've found is this error when I import this AIXM to another program. The "aixm:usedRunway" line in the AIXM file are missing.





And I've check the table of ADHPSurfacePoint. The ADHPSurfaceArea_Id has already linked.

How can I fix this error when I export AIXM file?