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How to start Portal for ArcGIS 10.7.1 internal portal database processes (postgres.exe, java.exe, javaw.exe)?

Question asked by DTRACXQ on Aug 11, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2020 by DTRACXQ

10.7.1 base deployment.


Portal for ArcGIS internal database is postgresql 10.6


Background: The install directory ran out of space during pandemic stay at home orders. The database looks like it didn't shutdown properly. Figured out the space issue and corrected it. The ArcGISPortal.exe restarts ok, but internal database doesn't start. Symptoms - no access to Portal home page, PortalAdmin, webgisdr doesn't run, Server Manager not accessible, cannot serve out any maps or apps. No access to Portal via Web Adaptor, no access via localhost:7443 on the server.


How do you do a database backup with postgres tools installed with Portal?

How do you check the health of the database?

What has to be cleaned up and how?

How do you restart the database manually?


When ArcGISPortal.exe starts up successfully, it takes up 100-115MB of memory, but there are no processes visible for postgres.exe, java.exe, javaw.exe.


cmd line, running tasklist shows no processes for the database.


Running "postgres.exe -d 5 -P -D "data dir" results in:

PANIC: could not open control file "global/pg_control": permission denied


I'm asking for help fixing the database so normal operations can start again.



Last log entry for database was before space issue was fixed and says:

startup process was terminated by exception 0xC0000409

See C include file "ntstatus.h" for a description of the hexadecimal value

aborting startup due to startup process failure

database system is shut down