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AEC Project Delivery - Is Copy to AGOL Required?

Question asked by ryanuthoff on Aug 11, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2020 by alex_fwe

I have a question regarding the AEC Project Delivery service that Esri provides. We currently use ArcGIS Enterprise to share all of our feature services and web maps to our end users, but we are looking into the AEC Project Delivery service as a way to deliver data to our clients (via AGOL). I have been reading some of Esri's documentation and blog posts, and I believe we would fall under scenario two (from the blog post linked below) where we would push our data from ArcGIS Enterprise to ArcGIS Online. Introduction to AEC Project Delivery


After reading this blog post: Use collaboration to support an AEC Project Delivery Subscription, it appears the only way to use AEC for project delivery is to copy the data to AGOL (as opposed to referencing the data from ArcGIS Enterprise).


My question is are there any ways to get around having to copy data to AGOL? I understand that we need to utilize distributed collaboration to copy the data to AGOL, but I was wondering if there are any ways around that where we could just reference the data instead? The reason I ask is because we would have to enable versioning and/or archiving on our databases (since copying data to AGOL through distributed collaboration requires sync enabled feature services which have versioning/archiving requirements) which we do not necessarily want to do (since other applications outside of Esri reads from these databases).


Are there any ways around having to copy data to AGOL using the AEC Project Delivery service?


Thank you!