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crime analysis auto import data

Question asked by jwa@forensicdjs on Aug 11, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2020 by jcary-esristaff

Hello All!

I am currently working through an issue I have with the crime analysis tool. In essence I would just like to know if the auto import records tool can just be used to add data automatically through task manager from a cvs or xlxs file. In the training it guides you through filling in missing values from each table and creating a configure file. In doing the tutorial via Esri Training, it seems that just adding reoccurring data is not the goal, rather filling in missing data from certain layers. I think what I want is much simpler than what the tutorial explains and I may be getting lost in some of the details. All I would like to do is have an automated task scheduler update a file once a week so that I do not have to manually enter the data myself onto the csv or xlxs file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.