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Unexpected Behavior with Pro 2.6 Locator

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Aug 10, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2020 by jborgion

I have just begun to 'play with' locators created in arcgis Pro 2.6 using Create Locator.  I'm seeing what I think is unexpected behavior when it comes to addresses with unit numbers.  Here is a typical point address with a Unit number:

Here are the parameters I used in setting up the locator:


'PointAddress.HOUSE_NUMBER AddressPoints.ADDR_HN';
'PointAddress.BUILDING_NAME AddressPoints.BLDG_DESIG';
'PointAddress.STREET_PREFIX_DIR AddressPoints.ADDR_PD';
'PointAddress.STREET_NAME AddressPoints.ADDR_SN';
'PointAddress.STREET_SUFFIX_TYPE AddressPoints.ADDR_ST';
'PointAddress.STREET_SUFFIX_DIR AddressPoints.ADDR_SD';
'PointAddress.SUB_ADDRESS_UNIT AddressPoints.UNIT_DESIG';
'PointAddress.CITY AddressPoints.CITY'


As you can see Building Name and Sub Address Unit are mapped to the respective fields


If I use the Locate Tool and begin to enter the address, I get a suggestion as I type, with no unit number.  I'm okay with that, in fact surprised since 4773 W SILVER FOX DR, KEARNS does not exist in my point data.  This locator is a single point address role. I have turned off the the other locators that load automatically with Pro.  If they were switch on, that suggestion wouldn't surprise me at all as it would 'hit' against a centerlines locator.  When I actually select the suggestion here is a partial list of what is returned:



When I look at these actual points, they all have the a  BLDG_DESIG value of 'W' .  It appears that the Prefix Direction of my address (W) is being mistaken for the building identifier.  When I fully qualify the address with a unit, it works just great:

While I have not tested this extensively, I'm concerned that if an address were submitted to us that requires a unit designator, but does not come with one we'll get a false positive of epic proportions.


Perhaps I'm missing something in the set up of my locator?


Edited moments later:  I changed the mapping from 

'PointAddress.BUILDING_NAME AddressPoints.BLDG_DESIG';




and getting the same results...


Shana Britt

Brad Niemand