"New" ArcGIS Pro Create Locator Question

Discussion created by bswade on Aug 10, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2020 by sbritt-esristaff

I’ve been banging around with the latest version (2.6 Pro) of the Address Locator Tool and have come up with a few Issues:


1. I don’t understand in the HELP section what this means? 

  • Locators created by this tool cannot be used as a local locator in ArcMap.”


-Does this mean we cannot use the Create Locator Tool when using ArcGIS Pro installed on a Local Desktop Machine?



2. When using the New Create Locator tool in 2.6 for what I assume is a very basic or standard Address Locator, using in the locator pane, right click, Properties, you cannot adjust the Geocoding option to change how far off a road or line segments the Geocoded address is to be offset? Or spelling sensitivity options?


  1. The "Legacy" Tool:


The "new" Address Locator Tool from Pro 2.6


Am I missing where in the new version, where one can adjust the placement options for the outputs from the Address Locator?