Order of records returned by VersionDataChanges extract

Discussion created by srikanthhemadri on Aug 10, 2020



I am working on getting the version differences using below code. This is just part of the actual code. Problem here is I am not able to understand the order in which the IDifferenceCursor will fetch the records. Can someone please tell the order in which the cursor will return the records.


IDifferenceCursor pDiffCursor = null;
int[] oIDs = null;
IFeature[] pFeatures = null;

pDiffCursor = vdc.extract(fcName, esriDataChangeType.esriDataChangeTypeUpdate);

if(pDiffCursor != null){

    oIDs = new int[1];
    pFeatures = new SimpleJunctionFeature[1];, pFeatures);

    while(oIDs[0] != -1){

        //<-- Logic-->



Thanks in Advance.