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Quickcapture trace a road

Question asked by geomapps on Aug 8, 2020
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Somebody told me that i can use Quickcapture to save a route, like set a Start /Stop buttons.


If click Start button the app start to draw the line ( suppouse that i am driving) and when i click stop the quick capture save that line, i only want to save the parts of my driving when i want, i know that app Tracker exist but i am not interested on see the useres on real time only want to know at the end of the day the route they went but only using start / stop


Me comentaron que podria grabar el recorrido, por ejemplo mientras voy conduciendo me interesa grabar desede un punto A a B la linea  para calcular distancia y posteriormente de C a D , se que existe Tracker pero no estamos interesados en realtime, solo queremos saber los recorridos ( tramos) de los usuarios donde ellos colocarlo inicio y final.