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Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1 create portal issues on Ubuntu 18.04

Question asked by geoffreywestgis on Aug 7, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2020 by ajbooter

Hi - 

I am using an AMI located from The ArcGIS Enterprise AMIs—ArcGIS Enterprise in the cloud | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise to configure Portal.  Several thing have been a bit buggy in the configuration.


This is the AMI that is being used -Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 on Ubuntu (Jul 2020)


1. When running - I received a text cannot be null error - I looked in the logs and did not see much around this.  createportal exited.


2.  I was able to browse to /portaladmin in my browser and use createNewSite. I started createNewSite from the browser and it ran all night to no avail.


3. As of now, the Portal logs indicate  <Msg time="2020-08-07T15:20:55,937" type="SEVERE" code="218010" source="Portal Admin" process="25830" thread="1" methodName="" machine="xxxxxxxuser="" elapsed="" requestID="">The portal has been initialized and configured but is not accessible. The internal portal database does not appear to be running or accepting connections. Restart the portal machine or machines and if the problem persists, contact Esri technical support (U.S.) or your distributor (customers outside the U.S.).</Msg>


4. When I run portaldiag the output is below, I have started and restarted the Portal service and there is actually no directory /arcgis/portal/usr/arcgisportal/db

Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1 Diagnostic Tool

Hostname: ip-xxxxxxx

DIAG000: Check for installation as root [PASSED]
DIAG001: Check for 64-bit architecture [PASSED]
DIAG002: Check OS version [PASSED]
DIAG003: Check hostname for invalid characters [PASSED]
DIAG005: Check system limits [PASSED]
DIAG004: Check installed packages [PASSED]
DIAG016: Check Portal for ArcGIS ports [PASSED]
DIAG024: Check localhost resolution [PASSED]
DIAG029: Check file system type [PASSED]
DIAG020: Check hostname IP address mismatches [PASSED]
DIAG026: Check processes of Portal for ArcGIS core services [WARNING]
DIAG028: Check data directory [FAILED]

There were 1 failure(s) and 1 warning(s) found:

*** DIAG028:
These folders are not writable by the account installing the Portal
for ArcGIS:


*** DIAG026: One or more core services was not started. Start Portal
for ArcGIS by running the script or restart Portal for
ArcGIS if it is already started.



5. The portaladmin page currently shows the following when accessed

Site Root - /

The portal is unavailable at this time. Please contact your system administrator and check the logs on disk for more information.