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Undo/Redo Delete Connected Line Features on a Point Feature

Question asked by krisculin on Aug 6, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2020 by sean_jones-esristaff



When a user deletes a point in our Pro config, we need to delete any 'connected' links (lines) as well.


So if you have a point "J-1" connected to a link "P-1" connected to a point "J-2" and you select and delete "J-1", then I need to also delete "P-1".


I've got this implemented.  However, when undo is used, that link is not restored.  Right now I am using RemoveRows on the feature class table and passing in the list of objectids to remove.


I am currently using Pro SDK 2.5.  With 2.6, there is the EditStarted event.  Could this be used so that I could chain an operation that deletes the connected links?


Any ideas on how to better handle this use case (without going to 2.5)?