Arcpy field calculator taking hours to process

Discussion created by superxavi on Aug 6, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2020 by jborgion

So I have a loop that joins three fields from a csv, makes new fields with new names, calculates the fields based off the joined fields, and then deletes the original join field. This repeats 20 times with 20 different tables with 1000-2000 rows each. I attached a png showing the code, to help contextualize what is happening.


I'd expect it to take some time, as field calculations never seem all that speedy, but it takes hours for the code to get through this step, and has hurt my coworkers ability to access the shared drive I am doing the processing on.


I am wondering how I can improve the performance here, and what if anything I am doing wrong.

Thank you very much,