not getting all records

Discussion created by eal2100 on Apr 6, 2011
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I am using python to export some featureclasses and one table from an ArcSDE database (Oracle) to a file geodatabase. The export works fine, but only about 3,000 of the 300,000 records from the table are being exported. The following is my code.


I also tried arcpy.TableToTable with the same result.

I tried to limit the # of records returned via an expression but was not able to get that to work. I would get a "Table does not contain an OID field" error each time I added the expression.

The following expression would fail, and I am not sure if this is how to use expressions, I also tried adding the where clause directly to the above functions to no avail.

expression = arcpy.AddFieldDelimiters(gp.workspace, "SUBMIT_DATE") + " >= to_date('01-JAN-2009')"

Any ideas would be appreciated.