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Another Pro 2.6 Clone problem

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Aug 4, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2020 by danretired

I can't recall how many times I've cloned python environments for ArcGIS pro and then added packages to them, but, this one takes the cake.


Using the ArcGIS pro package mis-manager I install spyder 3.something and spyder kernel 1.9.2 and upon launching spyder I get the 'Spyder has encountered an internal problem' window, telling me:


plugin = mod.PLUGIN_CLASS(self)
AttributeError: '_ModuleMock' object has no attribute 'PLUGIN_CLASS'


Well cowboy, this isn't my first rodeo (see _ModuleMock object has to attribute 'PLUGIN CLASS'  for example) so I open a python command window in my new clone and run 


conda update spyder

But, after that the sh## storm really starts.  I get another internal problem window with so many issues, I can't believe my eyes:


Here is the full list:


  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\plugins\editor\widgets\", line 1393, in handle_hover_response
TypeError: CodeEditor.sig_display_object_info[str, bool].emit(): argument 1 has unexpected type 'list'

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\logging\", line 994, in emit
    msg = self.format(record)
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\logging\", line 840, in format
    return fmt.format(record)
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\logging\", line 577, in format
    record.message = record.getMessage()
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\logging\", line 338, in getMessage
    msg = msg % self.args
ValueError: incomplete format
Call stack:
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\Scripts\", line 10, in <module>
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\app\", line 219, in main
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\app\", line 3763, in main
    mainwindow = run_spyder(app, options, args)
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\app\", line 3679, in run_spyder
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\plugins\completion\", line 302, in <lambda>
    lambda: self.receive_timeout(req_id))
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\plugins\completion\", line 136, in receive_timeout
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\plugins\completion\", line 177, in howto_send_to_codeeditor
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\plugins\completion\", line 205, in skip_and_send_to_codeeditor
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\plugins\completion\", line 273, in gather_and_send_to_codeeditor
    response_instance.handle_response(req_type, responses)
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\plugins\editor\widgets\", line 1019, in handle_response
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\plugins\editor\widgets\", line 1406, in handle_hover_response
    self.log_lsp_handle_errors("Error when processing hover")
  File "C:\EnvClones\arcgispro26\lib\site-packages\spyder\plugins\editor\widgets\", line 1050, in log_lsp_handle_errors
    logger.error('%', 1, stack_info=True)
Message: '%'
Arguments: (1,)


I've wiped my previous environments (I'll remember what other package dependencies I need to fix tomorrow when my over night scripts fail).  I get the same lengthy list of issues if I do a straight conda install for spyder. 


And to think everything was going so well today too....


Suggestions? I guess I could uninstall ArcGIS Pro entirely, and reinstall, but then what's the point in 'upgrading'?


Dan Patterson


Dan Patterson

(I never know which of you is the right one...)