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Survey123 Moving Decimal To The Right

Question asked by andrew.southern@Franklintn.gov_franklin on Aug 4, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2020 by andrew.southern@Franklintn.gov_franklin

I have a form that has been working without issue since the Spring.  However, now when using Android devices, a question that is a double field type is having the decimal moved to the right.  More specifically it's being moved to the right of the last number.  So, for instance, if the user inputs 97.8 the decimal moves to the right and the input becomes the integer 978.  If the user inputs 97.80, the decimal again moves to the right and the input becomes the integer 9780.  I have not made any recent changes to the form and the app has not updated since May so I'm not sure of the problem, unless it's related to an Android OS update.  


Edit:  I created a test survey with just one decimal field type question and it is also behaving the same way.  I'm leaning towards it being something related to a recent Android update but cannot be certain at this time.


Edit:  I figured out a fix.  I changed the "Appearance" for the question from default to "Numbers" and it no longer moves the decimal.  Still unusual that it wasn't a problem before today but I think that resolves the issue nonetheless.