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Multipart polygons not displaying in browser version of Survey123 survey

Question asked by flyingsquirrel60 on Jul 31, 2020
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I created a survey and feature service using Connect 3.9.120. It's a geoshape. 


I "create" the project boundary shapes for each feature by appending existing project shapes using ArcGIS Pro. I then send the survey url to others. It is set to open in a browser, and I pass the globalID with the url and have it set to edit mode.


This all works, except when the polygon is a multipart. In those cases, the map in the webform only shows one polygon part. Even if I zoom out in the map, the other polygon parts are not displayed.


As an example, below is a single feature shown in the Data tab map of

Map in Data of


Below is the map showing the multipart polygon in a report generated via


Below is the same feature shown in the webform map


And the same webform map zoomed out, showing that the other parts of the feature are not displayed.


Is this what I should expect? Or does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks for any ideas