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Pop-up configuration does not translate from Pro to Online

Question asked by Anna_SAGIS on Aug 3, 2020
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I have a point feature class of agenda items and a table of agenda item attachments. When clicking on an agenda item on the map, I want to see the related Attachment URL(s) (in the table). The below Arcade expression works perfectly in ArcGIS Pro:

var attachmentURLs = "<br><b><u>Attachments</u></b><br>";
var table = FeatureSetByName($datastore, "Agenda_Item_Attachments");
var sql = "AgendaItemID = '" + $feature.AgendaItemID + "'";
var tableFiltered = Filter(table, sql);
if (Count(tableFiltered) > 0) {
var row = 1;
for (var a in tableFiltered) {
attachmentURLs += '<b>' + row + '. </b><a href="' + a.AttachmentURL + '" target="_blank">';
attachmentURLs += a.AttachmentTitle + '</a><br>';
row += 1;
return attachmentURLs
return 'No attachments'

This part of the pop-up looks like this: 


However, when I publish to ArcGIS Online, the pop-up configuration does not translate at all. When trying to add the Arcade expression, I instead get unformatted text with no numbering and no hyperlinked URLs. Is this type of pop-up possible in ArcGIS Online?