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Is there a workflow for looping through .pagx files in order to standardize the map templates by accessing certain elements?

Question asked by hdean@nps.gov_nps on Jul 31, 2020

I think this is a separate issue from the ones I've found open regarding layouts - but apologies if this query already exists.


I am looking to batch edit via Python a set of pagx files - but I'm not finding any samples or instructions on this.  For example, I'd like to point to a folder, and add a certain north arrow to all the .pagx template files in that folder.  Is this kind of workflow documented somewhere?


I found a good page on looping through elements in an mxd - i.e. arcpy.mapping days - arcpy - Creating Loop to replace text in page layout in multiple MXDs instead of one MXD at a time? - Geographic Informa… 


However, I am now trying to instead loop through a set of pagx files - or is the best method to simply open up all those pagx files into an aprx file and then batch edit that way?