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Why can  I not use Georef. map images form 10.2 in 10.8 or Pro?

Question asked by Neobatz on Jul 30, 2020

Hi all,


Very frustrated.


I upgraded my workstation last year as well as moving from 10.2 ArcMap to both ArcPro and 10.8.


I can not use the referenced map images on my new machine with either ArcMap 10.8 or ArcPro.  Simply will not display.  Tried making a map package and importing into both but in both cases 10.8 and Pro crashed and would not complete opening the map package.


I can still go back to old MS Win 7 Pro OS workstation with 10.2 but that is sooo slow compared to the newer versions and workstation with nearly double RAM and processor speed..


Any ideas out there?