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How can a route layer be connected to the layer it is based off of?

Question asked by cdunn_PtboCounty on Jul 31, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by Ryan_K_NC

I have our road centrelines which are all street segments etc. and have created a route layer off of the road centrelines based on an ID.  From the route layer we have event tables associated.  I am wondering if there is a solution for somehow connecting the road layer to the route layer so that when the geometry changes (update, add, delete) this is effectively changed in the route layer as well and then cascaded to the event tables and event layers created from the tables.  We would like to be updating and editing only one layer but essentially everything would simultaneously be updated.  I have been searching around to look for a solution for this but have not yet found anything.  I know it is not difficult to run 'Create Routes' tool but this is only as accurate as the time that tool is run. Also I am using Pro and the data lies in an enterprise gdb.