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ArcGIS Pro 2.6 Export to Table and other tools are now pop up windows?

Question asked by 5471gab on Jul 31, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2020 by KKramer-esristaff

Anyone else experience this? I will use what we are sending out to our users as step-by-step instructions as to how you need to do this and other Geo Processing tools, unless we are really missing something. Seems like the the days of old. No one likes it and to be honest, seems like more steps and work on our users part to do what was so simple in 2.5.x and previous versions. Or, it's Friday and we are just missing something here


With the new 2.6.0 update, you’ll now have to export a different way (and it’s a pain!) We are reaching out to ESRI to get an explanation on why this has changed and to let them know it’s not an ideal process. This is likely the new norm for a while at least.

New steps:

This first part isn’t necessary if you already know the exact name of your table that you’re overwriting, but if you’re like me and don’t remember if there is an underscore _ or not, then do this step to help you:
Leave this Pane docked on the right and move to the next stepCatalog, Database view


• Next, in your ATTRIBUTE TABLE, when you click the pancakes to EXPORT, an EXPORT WINDOW WILL POP UP
(this is new, it used to be a pane on the right).
• In the window, CLICK THE ‘OUTPUT LOCATION’ FOLDER ICON Folder location


See image below:
• CLICK ‘DATABASES’ ON THE LEFT (under project) and CHANGE THE DROPDOWN (bottom right of window pane) TO: ‘DATABASE CONNECTION FILES’, you should now see your workspace connection.
• CLICK OK AFTER YOU SELECT/CLICK ON YOUR WORKSPACE, CLICK OKAY (then refer to last screenshot in this email for next steps)

 Normally you would double click your workspace and could see all your tables right there, and have the option to select a table to overwrite.
 With the update, the tables are no longer visible when you double click your workspace.
 What has changed is you now have to manually type in the table name.Your workspace location


• Output Name: MANUALLY TYPE THE TABLE NAME (you don’t need any of the stuff before it, just the actual table name part). Click OKAY to run export.Manually type the table name


**If you want to create a new table, just type what you want the table name to be and it will create it as a new table- pretty simple**