A Story Map for Teaching Geography

Discussion created by Misajet on Jul 29, 2020
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Hello all,


My name is Craig Misajet and I teach high school geography in Idaho. In my role as a teacher and as part of a master's program (and due to recent COVID-19 considerations) I have developed a Story Map which houses an entire semester's worth of content and enrichment material. This Story Map is intended for use with my freshman eastern hemisphere geography course starting this fall. LINK TO STORY MAP (best viewed in Chrome browser)


Part of my goal for this project is to gather educator feedback on the Story Map. If you decide to review the Story Map and you happen to be an educator, please fill out the survey located in the "Are you an educator?" tab of the Map Series. The survey is explained within the application, however know that your feedback is completely voluntary and no personally identifying information will be collected. LINK TO SURVEY


If you have any questions, please email Craig Misajet: misajet@usc.edu


I hope you enjoy this Story Map and it proves useful/entertaining to you in some way. If you are an educator, I wish you the best of luck this fall and beyond. Thank you to any and all who fill out the educator feedback survey. 


Sneak Peak of the Story Map: