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Map View/ Side by Side Mode Issues

Question asked by boazcl@oregonstate.edu_OSUGISci on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by boazcl@oregonstate.edu_OSUGISci

I am having a couple problems with quick capture.  First, after downloading a project containing a tile map package (for offline map use) onto a Samsung tablet the map feature is a static grey image with no map.  The same project was able to be downloaded successfully with working maps to apple tablets and an android phone.  Any ideas on this?  Have other run into similar compatibility issues?


Second, I am having no luck trying to initiate the map/ button side by side mode on a tablet.  I have the box checked in the designer and have tried several different device templates.  I am using a couple of iPads that I do not believe are Pro (which is what is listed in the template options).  Is this side by side feature only available to certain devices (like the devices listed in the template options)?  Any ideas on why this side by side feature is not initiating when changing to landscape view on my tablets?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated

- Clint 

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