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Can you round the Image Direction Number in the Watermark (S123)?

Question asked by apeters@sfwmd.gov_sfwmd on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2020 by apeters@sfwmd.gov_sfwmd


My watermark is working great using the bind::esri:parameters column using this statement: bottomRightWatermark="Photographed on: @[datetime:d MMM yyyy HH:mm] \n At: @[latitude longitude] \n Direction in Degrees: @[direction]&color=yellow&outlineColor=black&haloColor=white&size=32&bold=true&margin=10".  However, the photo direction shows way too many numbers after the decimal point.  Is there a simple way to round this number directly in the bind::esri:parameters column statement? 


Thank you!

Johnathan Hasthorpe