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How to share joined layer to ArcGIS Online (and have it automatically update)

Question asked by Anna_SAGIS on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by j0shNZ

I am trying to work through the following problem - any insight would be greatly appreciated!


I want to join the JHU COVID-19 cases (US) layer to a county layer for the southern US. I also want the data to automatically sync with JHU's updates, and have those updates reflect on a dashboard in ArcGIS Online. I know I cannot share an in-memory joined feature class as a web map, so I tried:


1. Creating a view - this worked but then I could not make any further edits, such as calculating my "cases per 100,000 residents" field.

2. Creating a relationship class - I have no idea where the joined data is stored, if it even is stored? I want to use graduated color symbology for the counties by number of confirmed coronavirus cases, but I do not see the attributes from the JHU data.


Is there another way to solve this problem that I'm not thinking of? Thanks in advance!