Suitability Analysis Project for School...PLEASE HELP

Discussion created by ander878 on Apr 5, 2011
Below is the assignment.  Can anyone please give me some tips on any of the steps of this project? Thanks so much!

1. The slope of the land cannot be above 40% (21.8 degrees).
2. The land must be owned by the Forest Service. Even though it is a National Forest, there are state and privately owned parcels of land within the boundaries.
3. The Management Area Prescription must be appropriate for timber harvest. Check the metadata at: Q:\classdata\212\FinalProject\rx.htm. Prescription areas that are off limits for harvesting are:
o Wilderness and recommended wilderness areas
o Research Natural Areas
o Undeveloped areas
o Developed Recreation
o Mineral development
o Utility Corridor / Communication Sites
o Administrative Sites
o Recreation residences
o Forested Ecosystems ??? Limited Development is off limits. Vegetation Management, however, is not off limits, but should be considered as a less desirable alternative unless there was a pressing benefit for the forest in the area.
o All areas not referred to above are okay to harvest.
4. Only certain types of forest communities are suitable for harvesting, which include:
o All areas classified as conifers (Lodge Pole Pines, Spruce Fir, Douglas Fir) with greater than 60% crown density
o All types of Aspen and Aspen/conifer mixed forest except Aspen/Oak mixtures. Oak is an old growth species that does not re-grow quickly or reliably.  See the metadata at: Q:\classdata\212\FinalProject\veg.htm.
5. Harvest sites must be a minimum of 500 meters from a recreation or camp site.
6. Trees cannot be harvested within 400 meters of maintained trails.
7. Harvesting is not allowed within a certain distance of rivers and streams.  Each stream has a set buffer area required based on its size. The Distance field in the Streams layer has this buffer distance calculated for each stream.
8. Harvest sites must be over 100 meters from a road ??? but access to the site must be less than 500 meters from existing roads. Cutting right next to public roads in a National Forest is not allowed. However, you must be able to get the cut trees out without tearing up too much ground. At least some portion of the selected site must fall within 500 meters of a road for access purposes, but it is not necessary for the entire polygon to fall within 500 meters of a road.
9. The harvest site cannot be smaller than 10 hectares (24.7 acres).