Zonal statistics for categorical rasters?

Discussion created by tiffanyduhl on Apr 5, 2011
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Hello,  This is a post which relates to an older thread I started (which attracted no replies, so I thought I would re-frame the question)...

I want to get the variety and count of the number of raster cells within each zone (the zone is made up of regularly-sized polygons, or could even just be a raster with a larger cell size than my input raster) for each value that is found within each zone.  It is sort of analogous to zonal statistics, but in this case, mean, range, etc. don't matter, what I want is an output table that looks like this:

Cell ID,         Raster Value,   Count of Input Raster Values
1,                        11,                          3
1,                        21,                         45
1,                        22,                         0
1,                        31,                         21
1,                        34,                         200
2,                        11,                         13
2,                        21,                         4
2,                        22,                         20
2,                        31,                         111
2,                        34,                         0

...and so on.  Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?