Hello, my name is Jay

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I am the GIS Analyst for the City of Dallas Department of Planning and Urban Design. I am responsible for creating and maintaining the spatial data that our long range planners use to create and update area and comprehensive plans for the City of Dallas, and assisting them with any GIS needs they may need help with. I also create and update our online maps. In previous roles, I was an ArcMap user, and here I have forced myself to use Pro (and really like it so far). Eventually I will get the rest of the team on board.


As far as wins go, learning how to create and distribute content using Portal and AGOL since our staff is all working remotely, with varying desktop GIS access capabilities has been great. It's really changed how we are able to communicate and collaborate with our internal and external stakeholders.


Areas of interest: I'll always be a physical geographer at heart, so I love studying landscapes and how people interact with and use the spaces around them. I was somewhat of a country mouse for almost 20 years in Appalachia, so it's nice (and a change of pace) to be returning to the city.


Favorite places.. hmm.. I can't really narrow it down, but I find myself drawn to the area around 38.834917, -79.375277. So picturesque and remote.