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Finding best location for intermodal mobility hubs

Question asked by daniel.lapczuk_Stud on Jul 24, 2020



Hi, I'd like to know if anyone could help to find the best solution in finding locations for intermodal mobility hubs (these are stations connecting micro mobility, car sharing and public transit).


The mobility hubs are classified in three classes - L, M and S. The L should not be further away then 100m footpath to subway/train stations which have a high demand. The M should either be close to subway stations with lower demand (max. 300m footpath) or to bus stations. The S hubs shall be in neighbourhoods with lower density and serve as connector to the bigger hubs.


I have data about the usage of the bike sharing and metro which I already have analysed and know which stations have a high demand.


Further data I have: population density, cycle paths, sociodemographic data but only for the districts, POI's.


In the first attempt I wanted to work with the Network Analyst using Location Allocation but I don't really know if it leads me towards the right direction. Now I think the spatial analyst could be a better solution, transfer data into raster files and do a weighted analysis.


I use ArcGIS Pro 2.5


I would be pleased if somebody could help me with a suggestion of the right tool and maybe even a way of proceeding. Thank you!