Hello, my name is Chang

Discussion created by Chang_Ni_Train on Jul 21, 2020

I work for Sniffer Robotics, a start-up company based in Ann Arbor, MI. Officially my title is "Photogrammetrist and Spectral Imaging Engineer", but I usually refer to myself as the "GIS person" - we are a small team, and my work involves a bit of everything: administrator, analyst, imagery and remote sensing, etc.


My biggest GIS success so far is that I have started to write my own Python scripts to streamline our data processing. Small project with less than 30 lines of code, but it feels good to apply what I have learned to real projects. The newly launched ArcGIS Notebook in Pro is a great place for such work - looking forward to more coding in there!


Main interest: Python/ArcPy, remote sensing and conservation. Last one was also my track in grad school (School for Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan) 


Coordinate of my favorite place: 42.2681569, -83.7312291.