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Access 'iteminformation' property on Stand-Alone ArcGIS Server?

Question asked by dchuber@blm.gov_BLM_EGIS on Jul 22, 2020

We are trying to use the property 'iteminformation' <link> to access information about the data stores a service uses on a stand alone AGS system.  However, we are getting the following when trying to use it: AttributeError: 'Service' object has no attribute 'iteminformation'


API version is 1.7.0, but I also confirmed the same when trying a different environment running 1.8.2.  And running the dir() command on the service object shows there is an 'iteminformation' property there.


Sample Code: 

from arcgis.gis import server
server_base_url = "<your server/webadaptor>"
user = '<admin username>'
pswd = '<admin password>'
gis_server = server.Server(url=f"{server_base_url}/admin",
service = gis_server.content.get('ADMU_DEMO', folder='admin_boundaries')