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How can I directly use a file that I've uploaded to ArcGis Online, like a direct URL to that file?

Question asked by jfcomputers_dev on Jul 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2020 by kclark_Angler

I have 2 use cases here:



I upload a .png file to ArcGis Online and I want to use that as a custom symbol.  What is the URL to that file?  I tried going to the file in the portal and using the URL generated by the "download" button, which gave me something like


That worked, but only for a few days, then it no longer existed.  I think that link expires.


So, is there a way to get a permanent URL to these files?



Similar use case, but using a png image in javascript to put on top of the map.  I'm using a similar link to the above, and it also expires after a few days.