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Appending Survey123 data and maintaining relationships

Question asked by Bradley.Manning@cmsenergy.com_CMS on Jul 20, 2020
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I recently had to make changes to a survey I built that had a lot of begin repeats (various pieces of related equipment). I made schema changes to the survey which caused the survey to lose any submitted data to that point. Before publishing I downloaded the submitted surveys as a file gdb. I then published the new survey schema, but I needed to append the survey data I downloaded back in to the feature service. 


I followed the steps here: How To: Append data to a Survey123 for ArcGIS survey from an existing survey with related tables to append the surveys back in, however I lost all of the relationships the survey originally had. So now, all of the data is appended in to the tables again, however, they are not related in anyway. I assume because when I appended them in, a new Global ID, or something along those lines.


Is there a way to append downloaded surveys back in to the surveys feature service, and maintain those relationships?


I am currently on version 3.9.120