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Loss of data on Survey123 form when switching between apps

Question asked by Rafael.dePedro_MELCoventry on Jul 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by sjeng-esristaff



A colleague of mine informed me of an issue he's had a few times (not always) when filling in Survey123 forms. He would switch app in the tablet, and open Google Drive, in order to look up a number that he will need to enter in one of the Survey123 form fields, but when he switches back, the data has been lost and a blank form is displayed. Apparently, in fact, he received a message saying something like 'survey recovered' and 'what do wish to do', and he would choose 'continue survey', but instead it's a new blank form. However, when I tried to do it on my own device, everything works fine. I don't even have to choose anything like 'recover form' or similar. Everything I type just stays there, which is what I would expect.


I was told this over the phone so I might have not worded the messages displayed on his screen correctly, but this is the essence of the problem. Does this sound familiar to anyone here?