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Unable to download a prvc file to authorize ArcMap

Question asked by yshouyu on Jul 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2020 by yshouyu

I have an active ArcGIS Desktop for Personal Use subscription which expires in 2022. ArcGIS Pro is good to use.


1. Cannot authorize ArcMap with the .prvc file I received.

When I tried to authorize ArcMap using ArcGIS Administrator, I got message"7343: Entitlement line item ESUxxxxxxxxx -1010 has expired on 2/25/20 12:00 AM. [Incident# 5396-89417004]"


2. How this happened.

For the same account, my subscription started in 2018. I purchased the first two years from ESRI China, then the next two years from the online Esri Store. The invalid prvc file as mentioned above was obtained from ESRI China. When I purchased from online Esri Store, I got no new prvc file but an invoice.


3. A .prvc file is needed to authorize ArcMap, but I don't know where to download it.

 There's no option in [My ESRI]>[My Organization]>[Licensing] to download the file.


4. Why I ask for help here.

After several long conversations with ESRI China support, I'm sure they cannot help me with this. It seems the subscription I purchased from Esri Store is beyond their reach. They collected some info and said will submit to ESRI. They also encouraged me to contact ESRI and ask questions in the community. Then I tried to contact ESRI headquarters for help, but the site keeps routing me to ESRI China.


I really don't know how to get this fixed.