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Editing a value in an existing survey via URL-parameter

Question asked by s.harperingesri-de-esridist Employee on Jul 16, 2020
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Hi @all,


I have a question about the editing options via URL parameter.


As you can see in the "Trick of the Trades" (Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Editing records in a web form), you can call up and edit an existing form using the parameters "mode = edit" and "globalid = ...". So far it works wonderfully.


Another "Trick of Trades" (Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Web form URL parameters) shows the possibility of transferring a previously defined value to a field using the URL parameter "field: xy = example".


In my scenario I want to combine both. You can see the URL here (you can play around with it, it is a demo):


I am using "?mode=edit&globalId=%7b397F7C00-C8FB-4C53-8BF1-497419D3D535%7d" to call up an existing survey in edit mode and I want to transfer via "&field:wie_lebenswert_finden_sie_die_s=4" a specific value to the lickert question. 


In the initial creation, I specified the value 2 here (you can check it if your using this URL:


I would now like to change this to 4 using the URL parameter, but it always shows me the initial value (2).


Can it be that the parameter "field: xy = example" can only be used for new forms and does not work in combination with "mode = edit"?


What would be a suitable workaround?


James Tedrick Ismael Chivite