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Runtime 100.8.0 Degraded Performance

Question asked by rbever3 on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by rbever3

I have a WPF app in which I have a 2D and a 3D view which I can switch between. My build is 64-bit. I have a bunch of TPKs loaded at startup when my app runs (3 elevation TPKs, ~650MB, 14 map TPKs, ~8GB).


I have this all working with 100.6.0 (toolkit v100.4.0) and it's great. I'm excited about ImageFrame so I updated to 100.8.0 (WPF and toolkit) but I immediately noticed that the performance is noticeably worse. When you go to move or rotate the camera in 3D there's a noticeable delay before it responds and it's just more sluggish all around.


I reverted my code back to 100.6.0 and it definitely has better performance again. I ran them at the same time and I could easily see the difference going back and forth. See attachments, I recorded them, they were both running and I switched between them, hopefully you can see it. I stop the mouse and click and drag; with 100.6.0 the map follows almost 1:1 where the mouse goes, whereas in 100.8.0 there's a .15-.35ish second lag before the map starts tracking the mouse. When I create some graphics the difference gets larger, but it's there before I even draw anything, apparently the maps being loaded is causing the problem by itself.



I'm wondering if having a bunch of TPKs loaded ahead of time is slowing it down, even though the TPKs are mostly not in the viewing area and 100.6.0 didn't have an issue. Any thoughts or ideas? Is there anything I should try doing differently with 100.8.0 to see if it helps?