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Combining QuickReport and MapViewer Templates

Question asked by GarrettRSmith on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by GarrettRSmith

Hello Everyone.


I am trying to combine some of the basic functionality of the QuickReport and MapViewer templates. I would like some simple functionality from the QuickReport template, that is allowing people to take pictures and populate an attribute table in the field as well as some of the simple functionality of the MapViewer template where users will have a map that can be used to navigate to the places where the pictures and attribute data were collected using the QuickReport functionality. 


I have watched all the AppStudio 2020 workshop videos and completed all the demonstrations and feel as though I have hardly scratched the surface when I compare those exercises with the amount of coding that is happening in the templates. Which is to be expected since it seems like coding is a necessary skillset when trying to decipher these "template" apps. Even looking at all the coding that is present in these templates, before even getting to the page, is a bit overwhelming. 


My issue now is that I am not sure what the most logical path is to take with the development of this app. I thought about literally combining the two templates and whatever I do not need would just sit unused but I cannot figure out how to create subfolders in Qt Creator. My issue with not being able to combine them is that they both have different folder structures and names. Same for starting from a blank slate. Even if I were to copy and paste from the templates I would need to set up these sub folders, and it does not seem like Qt Creator has an intuitive way to do so, especially on a Mac. I have about three weeks to get a somewhat functioning version to my client and I am willing to accept any advice about what is the best route to take with this. Each day goes by with me staring at and trying to decipher the code in the templates and it has not really worked out for me thus far as it can all become a bit overwhelming.


Thanks and sorry for the rant.