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ConvertWebMapToArcGISProject: How to pass in results from GP tool to the print template

Question asked by ARupe@dnr.IN.gov_indnr on Jul 13, 2020

Here's basically what I'm doing/needing: 
I'm creating an app in WAB where a user opens the geoprocessing tool and clicks on the map. The GP tool is a Python script that gathers information from different layers about the clicked location. The user then can download a PDF that includes the map that's displayed on the screen, a legend, and a summary of the data that the GP tool gathered.

I'm thinking that I'll have to create a custom print template and use "ConvertWebMapToArcGISProject" (maybe? maybe not? Thoughts?). But, here's where I'm stuck: I have a print template started, but I can't figure out how to reference the data gathered from the GP tool in the text box on the print layout (see the attached image). It would be dynamic text; that is, every time the GP tool runs, new data are gathered and then are printed on the layout. But, currently, dynamic text in the print layout can only reference layers and not a Python script (that I can see). Super new to Python.

Please help! I really appreciate it!