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TopoToRaster failing within model, fine outside

Question asked by rsm_ddms on Jul 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by rsm_ddms

I thought that I was imagining this, but I've tried it several times. When I run "TopoToRaster" from within a model, the output does not display. It loads into the map, when I zoom to it, I am sent where I expect to be. There are no errors. The values in the render are what I expect. Coordinate System is fine. Spatial extent is fine. There are columns and rows. The file has a reasonable size. 

I've symbolized several different ways - stretch, unique values, etc... 

It will not show.

When I run the tool from the toolbox, it works fine. I see the output and every single parameter I check is identical the output from within the model that I am unable to see.

Anyone else experience this?

Thank you,