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Reverse Geocode from geoshape

Question asked by crick70 on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2020 by crick70

I am hoping that someone has a bright idea here, because I am out of them.


I have a Collector/Explorer app with a link on the pop up for the Parcel Layer, that parses the boundary coordinates to a geoshape question in Survey123 .. that bit works great.


What I want to do is in Survey123 is perform a reverse geocode on the Geoshape to get the street address.  It would appear, obviously, that the pulldata("@geoshape",${location},"reverseGeocode.address.Street","https://xxxxxxxx/server/rest/services/Locators/xxxxxxx/GeocodeServer") calculation doesn't work for a geoshape question.


So I came up with a solution to add a geopoint question inside a repeat (because you cant have a geoshape and geopoint in the same form unless one is in a repeat) and use that to reverse geocode on. Now that works in the form itself, so tick!.


Then I thought I could calculate XY centroid of the poly in Collector using Arcade, tick, then parse that to the geopoint question.  HOWEVER, I have since found out that parsing information from Collector to Survey123 to questions inside a repeat isn't supported. 


Anyone have any solutions?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!