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How do I create a new category in Citizen Problem Reporter?

Question asked by Lindsay_King on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2020 by chris_fox-esristaff

We are working on standing up the Citizen Problem Reporter solution that we used the Solutions Deployment Tool in Pro to deploy (we deployed it before the June 2020 release).  I now have in my AGOL content the "CitizenProblems" source hosted feature layer as well as multiple views created off of that feature layer (e.g. "CitizenProblems_trash").


I can see that these views are based on the values in the Category field, such as Category = 'Trash', but how is this Category field populated? I don't see the category field exposed in the Reporter app, so it's not clear to me how these values are being populated correctly.


Essentially, I'm wondering how would I go about creating a new category and a new hosted view for that category.  Any help is appreciated.





Chris Fox