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LRS Adding Event Table to Existing LRS Question

Question asked by on Jul 9, 2020
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  I'm wanting to do what I used to be easily able to do in ArcMap and that's add in an LRS Event table that we have on SDE and then display those events on our LRS.


  In ArcMap all I had to do was add in our LRS (Add Data --> Add Database Connection --> Then add our LRS).  Next was to then add the Event table we wanted to display on the LRS (Add Data --> Add Database Connection --> Add LRS Event Table).


  The in ArcMap I could see the LRS layer and then the Event Table I added and all I then needed to do was right-click on the Event Table and select the "Display Route Events" and fill in the fields I needed and now my data is displayed on the map.


  In ArcGIS Pro it seems this method is not how things are done anymore and trying to research I'm not finding a simple way to do this (I could just not be looking in the right spot).  How can I do this type of thing using ArcGIS Pro now?