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Offline Map Job generateOfflineMap - Speed Slow on Feature Layers?

Question asked by mjk5000 on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by mjk5000

I have a product in production that lets my users take a subset of the data offline using generateOfflineMap.  This process say, for my web map with 5 feature layers (filtered using definition query) and the tiled basemaps (filtered by area and scale considerations) takes almost 2 minutes to download what says 4.5mb in the estimate.  This is unacceptable to my users.  So I decided to dig into this and see why it takes so long.  I took the overrides function so that I can remove the feature layers and tiled layers to see what is taking so long.


I assumed the basemap was what was taking so long, but to my surprise I removed all of the layers using the override functions and the download with the basemaps took under 10 secs, which I thought was very reasonable.  So I realize it is the layers, so i turn them on one at a time (each by themselves), and that doesn't improve.  It only improves when the are are all off.


What about these layers on my webmap is making them take so long to download?  Each layer has a definition query that might break them down to include only 1 feature?  So it isn't a data thing as far as I can tell.  What am I missing.




also, I used this to remove some layers and get overrides to work.  But this just helped in breaking down the problem.  Hoping I can use the overrides to speed up by removing something or checking something.

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