Combine PDFs for facing pages

Discussion created by Tomsriv on Apr 4, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2011 by paulcone
I have been furiously trying to make this code work

I think my problem is with the page numbering.  But I'm past that, I just want to know if their is a way in Python to combine two folders of PDFs.  Each folder has 68 individual PDFs, Folder1 is the left side, Folder2 is the right. 

For example...

Folder1              Folder 2
B7.pdf                C7.pdf
B8.pdf                C8.pdf
...etc                 ...etc

Is their a way to combine these two folders full of PDFs into one 136 page PDF with left and right pages based on which folder they reside in?  I'd rather not spell out every single path name and append, it defeats the purpose.