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Does issue SS06 make sense in a federated deployment?

Question asked by jon.bailey on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2020 by cpawlyszyn-esristaff

When running against ArcGIS Server in a federated environment, issue ID SS06 is raised for each service in the System folder. For context, here is the text of one of the issues:


IdSeverityProperty TestedScan Results
SS06CriticalSystem/CachingControllers service permissionsOpen to roles: esriAuthenticated
Non-default permissions are applied to this service within the System folder in Server Manager. To ensure only administrators and publishers have access to the service in the System folder, no roles should be assigned to the service. More information


It seems that the role esriAuthenticated refers to users that have been authenticated by Portal in the federated ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. So, does this error even make sense in this context?