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Publish a Survey123 Form Using A Native AppStudio Application

Question asked by icer182 on Jul 8, 2020

Hi Erwin Soekianto, Chris LeSueur, and Tina Jin,


I am trying to create a standalone smartphone application of a Survey123 smart form using the Survey123 template in ArcGIS AppStudio that the user can fill in without having to sign-in to an account. I found a really great geonet post about how to bypass the sign-in process when the app loads ("Survey123 field app" to load a predetermined survey on startup ), but when I generated an apk for my boss to test it, he said the app threw an error (Unable to connect: Position source access error)(see screenshot) when trying to submit his log. It sounds like this is because he has not signed in to a particular account on the app. Is there a way to bypass this sign-in on the back end and then automatically go back to the form page? I think this will fix the error for the smart form application.


An additional question, how would you load multiple surveys in the gallery without actually having to sign-in to an account? I've seen that this has been a common question in the geonet community and is a feature I would like to implement as well. 


Thank you for all of your help on these issues.


Dustin Baumbach, PhD

Loma Linda University


James Tedrick