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Hello, Can I take a point dataset (with 1600 points), buffer these to create a polygon dataset and then import this dataset as a training dataset for ArcPro deep learning? 

Question asked by billharbert on Jul 8, 2020
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I have been working with Deep Learning and ArcPro--fantastic.  So far, so good.  I've run through my work creating the training samples by hand, up to several hundred separate polygons for training.  Now I would like to attempt to automate the creation of the training samples somewhat.


The Question: I have an input dataset of points that I would like to buffer and then use these polygon areas as training samples with a class value of 1.  I can hand digitize these (as mentioned above and following the tutorials, thanks for these resources ESRI), but would now like to determine if I can buffer the points and them import all of these buffers directly with one class value (true) already in their attribute table for deep learning.  I can import such as buffer polygon file into the training sample manager, but each single polygon gets a unique class value, which I don't want.  I pre-defined the class variable and value in the polygon attribute table (creating a new attribute variable called Class, set it to 1 within the attribute table manager), but this is ignoring during the import operation within the training sample manager.  I still end up with every single polygon having a unique class value.


I've checked the ArcPro documentation without success.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you.